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Running Head: Case Study A Case Study About Demanding Adaptive Challenge Facing My Nation.
2 Case Study Abstract Here is a case study where complete statistics of nowadays problems regarding globalization have been discussed thoroughly. The ifs and buts of each point of view are detailed in the following segments. The objective of this case study is to determine in how many possible ways the adaptive nature would overcome challenges that arose as a result of globalization.
3 Case Study Table of Contents Introduction 1) How did the challenge emerge? 2) How is this challenge a result of globalization? What has been done to solve the problem? Work Exploitation Job Loss High Investment Environmental Degradation Taxes Across Borders Legal Compliance for Employers 3) Why is the adaptive challenge approach useful to solve the problem? 4) What boundaries need to be crossed to address the challenge? Microeconomic Policies Investment in Technology Competent Government 5) What values need to be shifted? Organizing a Healthy Structure Proper Connectivity Maintaining Consistency 6) What role could technology play in solving the problem? Conclusion References
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