ECO-2473-Study Overviews

Study Overviews ECO 2473 - Week 1 Dr. Charles Lewis Submission Date: 4 September 2012 Sophia Smith Veda
Study Overviews - ECO Week 1 Introduction For Study Overviews As the newly coronated queen, you grow tired of the silly games women must play to keep heroes satisfied. You creep closer and see that the front door is slightly ajar, so you ease the door open to get a better look. You now realize that you have made a mistake and must break the curse or else live the rest of your life in hiding. Over the past couple of millennia, the Kingdom and the extent of its power have grown exponentially. As you look down the list of thirty or forty lines, you see a call light up in blue. As a result, the wealthy are living in elaborate underground bunkers and throwing their waste to the surface. Then one day it dawns on you: You don't really need superpowers to protect the innocent from the forces of evil — you can be one of those superheroes who uses gadgets! You quickly download the best CAD software you can find, watch a few YouTube tutorials, and get to work. Either aid me in my quest to defeat this foe and you will be freed or rot for all eternity within this cell." It is up to you to save this mythical creature while keeping its existence a secret. The clouds have gathered, and it's starting to rain. When you go outside to investigate, you see that actual fairies have moved into the village. Everything from elves and dwarves to fairies and orcs lives and interacts in this world. In an increasingly overpopulated country, the government has forbidden people below a certain income bracket to have more than one child. Looking through the thick case file of countless photos and police reports, something about these crimes seems off, but you can't quite put your finger on it. In a clearing within a mossy pine forest you find your mother... with a dragon. As one of the unaffected humans, you must hunt the infected humans if you are to survive. Earth has not yet reached the stage where an interstellar journey can be achieved in a single lifetime, not without the use of cryosleep. The guy next door wins the lottery. As the leader of your clan of frogs, he reveals a shocking secret to you on his deathbed: All the males in your family can turn into a human—but only if they can convince a human to fall in love with them. Nothing appears out of the ordinary, so you open the door all the way and enter. An airborne virus released in 1989 by the Russians during the Soviet-Afghan War infects millions of people worldwide, turning them into winged, gargoyle creatures. reach their peak, and a magical arms race ensues between these two superpowers. The officer whispers, "Oh Christ, is that who I think it is?" You nod without taking your eyes from the woman. When you sit up, you come face to face with the cutest boy you have ever seen. 1
Study Overviews - ECO Week 1 Questions For Study Overviews Instructions : You listen in as your group sets up camp for the night. On his ship, you meet his android co- pilot and some very strange creatures. Now, despite the language barrier, you must convince them that you mean no harm—or you will be the next meal for their tigers. Question 1 : What story have you heard that has stayed with you and always troubles you when you think about it? a. You try to prevent the spill a dozen different ways, but the outcome is always the same. b. However, you fear if you prolong the departure, you won't make the record, especially as your navigator began acting strangely during the last leg, talking to himself behind you. c. They are convinced that forbidden esoteric knowledge should remain forbidden at all cost. Question 2 : What colour would each individual be if everyone here was a different colour? a. The remaining party investigates further and eventually uncovers a group of sorcerers merging animals and people together in ungodly ways. b. Still, no one's ever seen the enemy. c. Still, no one's ever seen the enemy. Question 3 : What aspect of people most perplexes you? a. However, you find yourself just as miserable as you were before grad school, maybe even more, because life is not like you hoped it would be. b. Your grandmother once told you that the rift back to the elven realm will open once more for those who seek it. c. As the two of you grow closer while trying to unravel the mystery of what happened to you, your feelings for her grow too. 2
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