5477469 "Taxes"-Maria Florez

1 Response to Maria Flores Hello Maria, thanks for your insightful feedback on the questions. I agree with your perspective that California has the highest state-level tax rate at 7.25%. In addition to the local and state municipality taxes in California, there are also other taxes charged on additional taxes on specific goods and services. These taxes include tobacco tax, gas tax, and cannabis tax ( How does California's tax code compare? 2023). Moreover, these taxes are mostly utilized for funding specific initiatives or programs. In addressing the issue of equity in taxation, studies reveal controversies in establishing if the current tax system is just for all Californians. Some individuals argue that taxes on investment and income are mainly based on one's ability to pay, hence considered too high for businesses and people. In contrast, the other team argues that the principle's advantages are not efficiently used in establishing who should pay taxes because it assumes all Californians benefit equally from the government service. Moreover, to explore this topic, do you believe the California tax system is fair? Provide reasons for supporting your side. Also, what possible solutions should California state implement to make the tax system more equitable for all businesses and individuals in the state? References How does California's tax code compare? (2023, April 4). Tax Foundation. https://taxfoundation.org/state/california/#:~:text=How%20does%20California's %20tax%20code,2.50%20percent%2C%20and%20an%20average
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