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Nov 13, 2023
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432 POLYMER INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION . ive up making private cars and ¢, Firms will have ;":nf'thinzg as books, pianos, meheso\:"'i selves to lom::i'es of a few excgptlonally powerful men, the farFI i'uex'l wniformity of misery, and the Malthusian Ay there wil hecked. The world having been technically unjfigg powm reign "fl,fi increase when world harvests are good, and dimin'ish pgx- lnlxol\t'vy';n whenever they are bad. Most of the present urbay , Y. 'isli?};';zr}al centres will have become deserted and their inhabity ng if still ative, will have reverted to the peasant hardships of l::; mediaeval ancestors. main importance of gunpowder, at first, was that j - ableézee"l;&:l governlinents to subdue rebellious barons. M;;.?& Carta would have never been won if King John had possessed guns. But although in this instance we may snde_ with the barons against the king, in general the Middle Ages suffered from anarchy ang what was needed was a way of establishing order and respect of jay, At that time, only royal power coqld achieve this. The b:}rons had depended upon _their castles, which could not stand against guns, That is why the Tudor kings were more powerful than_earlller Kings. And the same kind of change occurred at the same time in France and Spain. The modern power of the State began in the late fifteenty century and began as a result of gunpowder. From that day to this, the authority of States has increased, and throughout it has been mainly improvement in weapons of war that has made the in- crease possible. 13. One of the most obvious results of industrialism is that a much larger percentage of the population live in town than was. - formerly the case. The town-dweller is a more social being than the: agriculturist, and is much more influenced by discussion. In general he works in a crowd, and his amusements are apt to take him into still Jarger crowds. lhe course of nature, the alternations of day and night, ssmmer and winter, wet or shine, make little difference to him ; he has no occasion to fear that he will be ruined by frost or drought or sudden rain. What matters to him is his human en- vironment, and his place in various organizations especially. Take a man who works in organizations affect his life. and larger organization of whi man's trade union and his pol from a building society. Hig childre Newspaper or goes to a cinema or lo things are provided by powerfulorga 14. Socrates had teas 3 Plato. Plalo wrote many ol S5¢iPles, and the greatest of these W2 . is from these books many books which have comc down to us ad it €. The Athenian gova'e',l']"l;e':'t:od\;/da great deal of his master, 0::'3;;- not like the methods of SO/
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