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Clarendon College Division of Agriculture AGRI 1131 The Agricultural Industry 1 Semester Credit Hour Courson RFO building Wednesday 8:00- 8:50 Fall 2023 Johnny Treichel [email protected] Course Description: An introductory course to the field of agriculture, nature of the industry, resource conservation, and the American agriculture system. Statement of Purpose: To expose students to all areas of agriculture and discuss future employment opportunities. Course Objectives: 1. A guest speaker will visit who works within the animal feeding industry. 2. A guest speaker will visit who works within the financing industry. 3. A guest speaker who works within the crop chemical industry will visit the class. 4. Guest speakers from four year universities will visit the class in an attempt to recruit are students to their respective universities. 5. A county agent will visit the class 6. A high agricultural science teacher will visit the class. 7. A feedlot manager will visit the class. 8. Students will learn how to develop resumes and cover letters. Attendance Due to the fact that this course meets once a week attendance is very important. After two unexcused absences students will be deducted five points from their attendance grade per absence. Potential Topics for class discussion: Term Paper (2-3 pages) will be selected from one of the following. Ag Science and Technology: P
What are the effects of agricultural biotechnology on the consumer's acceptance of food products? Debate the pros and cons of organic food production. How will changing weather climates force new agricultural technology? Agri-Marketing and International Agricultural Relations What steps can the agricultural industry take to insure that the food supply remains safe? What are the challenges of implementing a mandatory national animal ID program for the American rancher? Should American policy makers support open agricultural trade with China? What role will American agriculture have on rebuilding the agricultural systems of Iraq? Food and Fiber Systems What steps can row crop farmers take to reduce water consumption for growing crops? What changes will wind energy and solar power have on the current food and fiber systems? What role does the American Farmer and Livestock Producer play in agriterrorism? What effects will the American recession have on production agriculture? Urban Agriculture What new agricultural opportunities will arise from urbanization? How can urban population activity engage in food production? What effect are the urban agricultural science programs having on the future of agriculture? Grades Attendance = 25% of grade Resume/ Cover Letter = 25% of grade Speech over career path = 25% of grade Term Paper = 25% of grade Your final course grade will be figured as set in the current catalog: 90 to 100.................................A 80 to 89...................................B 70 to 79...................................C 60 to 69...................................D 59 and below ............................F Attendance Policy : After 3 unexcused absences you will lose 3 points off your final grade for each additional absence.
*** Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibit discrimination in the recruitment, admission, and treatment of students. Students with qualified and documented disabilities may request reasonable accommodations, which will enable them to participate in and benefit from educational programs and activities. Students seeking reasonable accommodations are asked to see the Dean of Students. CLARENDON COLLEGE CAMPUS CARRY POLICY
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