Desirability worksheet-1

How might we re-imagine the fan experience of major sport and entertainment events in Queensland over the next 10 years? List your shortlisted ideas here to test the desirability of them Who is this for? Whose fan experience are you re- imagining? Why does it need re- imagining? Is there a pain point? Is there an opportunity? Do they want it? What is involved in their fan experience now? How do they achieve their goals (e.g., to watch entertainment/sport) now? What does our research say? What does existing research say about their desire /demand for it? Are they willing to pay for it? Does it integrate to existing processes, services, forms of consumption? How will it deliver value to them? What are the benefits to the fan? What is the cost to the fan? (NB the client is looking for revenue generating ideas - this overlaps with viability discussion) Value Proposition: Shortlisted idea Put your answer here Put your answer here Put your answer here What is the value proposition for this idea?
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