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ADM 1301 November 16th 2022 Hillary was the secretary of state during 9/11 & blamed canada for the terrorists crossing the canadian american border, it turned out all the terrorists were student visa havers from saudi. The longest war canadians fought was in Afghanistan. On 9/11 newfoundland welcomed 6,700 strangers Terrorists coming to usa from canada 31 december 1999 vancouver American soccer players qatar rainbow Globaliation: what is it? Globalization : the merging of previously domestic spaces and issues into one multifaceted and interconnected transactional global village. - A term used to describe the growing interdependence of people around the world with regard to societal influence, economies, and cultural exchanges. - Refers to the increasing economic integration and interdependence of countries. - A global movement to increase the flow of goods, services, people, real capital, and money across national borders in order to create a more integrated and interdependent world economy. "Types" of Globalization - Globalization: a process of decreasing constraints on the interactions among the nations an peoples of the world. - Economic globalization: the process by which world power relationships change, and there is a loss of sovereignty by the state. - Social or cultural globalization: the emergence of a worldwide cultural system.
Virginia class attack submarines Globalization: key drivers - Market - Cost - Competition - Government - Technology Market drivers: - New markets - Strategic alliances - Demand for products Cost drivers: - Source of inexpensive labour - Cheaper raw materials - New sources of capital Competition drivers: - Competition is producing similar goods of equal or better quality at lower cost - Competition can come from anywhere Government drivers: - Trade liberalization policies - Industry deregulation - Privatization - Participation in globalization institutions
Technology drivers: - Advances in information and communication technologies facilitate: Coordination of business activities from anywhere Cross-border banking - Homogenization of many enabling technologies
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