Group video assignment rubric

Group video assignment rubric Criteria Excellent 8 Very Good 6.4 Good 5.6 Marginal 4 /8 Relevance of Ideas -Demonstrates sophistication of thought -Appropriately explains/defines key terms -Central ideas are clearly communicated -Information is relevant and on topic -Comprehensive yet limited enough to be manageable - Complexity & uncertainties are recognized -Clearly states central ideas around topic but may have minor lapses in development or reasoning -Begins to acknowledge the complexity of central ideas & the possibility of other points of view -Sometimes bogged down in less relevant details -Attempts to define terms -Communication & construction of topic and arguments less effective or relevant -Does not explore nuance or acknowledge other views -Less attention given to defining terms -Does not present clear topic or central ideas or does not respond appropriately to the assignment's objectives - Communication and arguments are vague or under-developed Creativity, Organizatio n & Style Excellent 6 Very Good 4.8 Good 4.2 Marginal 4 /6 -Information is well presented, interesting, inspiring, creative & engaging -Uses a logical organizational structure for presenting subject, purpose, target audience, etc. -Somewhat interesting & creative -Shows a logical progression of ideas -Some logical links may be lacking, yet for the most part clearly relates back to central idea - -Lacking creativity, not very engaging -Ideas are arranged randomly rather than using any evident logical structure -Content may relate to central idea, but logic not always explained -Not engaging or creative -Organization is random, lacking coherence - Content may not all relate to central idea -Contains several awkward or
-Guides the audience through the chain of reasoning or progression of ideas -Flows well, good pacing, etc. -Could improve upon some elements of delivery (e.g. pacing, eye contact, volume, etc.) -May be overly general -May lack coherence -unfocused, or repetitive -Delivery needs strengthening ungrammatical sentences -Misuses words -Volume, pacing was inadequate, lack of rapport, etc. Excellent 6 Very Good 4.8 Good 4.2 Marginal 4 /6 Research Comprehens iveness, Information Quality & Scientific Accuracy -Uses evidence appropriately and effectively, providing sufficient evidence and explanation to convince and strengthen arguments -Leverages course materials and concepts and other reputable sources -Begins to offer sources of support for points -Begins to interpret the evidence and explain connections between evidence and main ideas -Could do more to leverage course materials and concepts and other reputable sources -Often uses generalizations to support points -May use examples, but not obvious or irrelevant -Often depends on unsupported opinion, or assumes that evidence speaks for itself -Does not leverage course materials and concepts and other reputable sources -Offers little evidence of any kind -Unduly brief -Full of irrelevant details -The few sources that do exist lack credibility Total /20
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