many people and businesses as possible but at the end o the day, I cannot count on or force funding/donations. Lastly, my equipment is good quality, but it is not as nice as photographers who have been part of the industry for a while. I cannot change the fact that I do not have the means for that type of equipment, so for now, I am stuck using what I have. Eventually, I plan to purchase more equipment but in order to get to that point, I need to start my business first. There is nothing that I can do to get to that point except wait and work hard. . Is there any way to increase the controllability of the items you listed in Question 2? Why or why not? I cannot really increase the controllability of the items I listed in question two because all of the things depend on outside and uncontrollable variables such as weather and the client. The only thing that I may establish control over is the equipment I use but that is something that I would gain control over as time passes and as my business grows. . If there are some things that you truly cannot control, how can you manage your desire to control them? How can you improve your ability to "let go" of the things you can't control? What are the advantages of acknowledging that you cannot control these things? I can manage my desire to control the uncontrollable by creating back up plans and going through different methods that help me to control my perfectionism. Journaling and music helps me to calm down and really get to the root of my control issues so I feel these methods will come in handy during my business adventure. I can improve my ability to "let go" of things I cannot control by taking deep breaths and doing things to help take my mind off of the issue at hand or something to help me acknowledge that whatever happened, it is not the end of the world. . You thought about partnerships and collaborations in the last unit of the course. Will any of these partnerships result in you giving up some control over your project? Explain. What are some of the advantages of sharing control with these partners? (For example, if you are going to bring in a cofounder or investor, what will they expect in return? Will they be included in the decision-making process? Share profits?) Any of the partnerships/collaborations I mentioned last unit has the potential of me losing some of my control. Most partnerships require some give and take and [ am
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