Midterm review

Chapter 1 Test Bank 1) The fact that human wants cannot be fully satisfied with available resources is called the problem of A) opportunity cost. B) scarcity. C) normative economics. D) marginal cost. E) the big tradeoff. Answer: B Diff: 1 Type: MC Topic: Definition of Economics 3) The branch of economics that studies the national economy and the global economy is A) macroeconomics. B) microeconomics. C) Keynesian economics. D) positive economics. E) normative economics. Answer: A 7) Each of the following would be considered a macroeconomic topic except A) the reasons for a decrease in the unemployment rate. B) the cause of recessions. C) the effect of the government budget deficit on inflation. D) the determination of aggregate income. E) the selection of production techniques. Answer: E 10) Which one of the following topics does macroeconomics study? A) decisions of individual firms B) effects of government safety regulations on the price of cars C) the performance of the global economy D) prices of individual goods and services E) effects of taxes on the price of gasoline Answer: C
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