Out of 60 pts - Low: 0.0 - Mean: 48.4 - High: 59.0 ' Description @ Switch ToLight Mode "Perspective." The Laramie Project narrates a hate crime through arange of perspectives within a community on- and off-campus, helping us understand how memory comes to be formed across various locations. For your paper, compare two different (lale[ST 1 aTe IaV=q el W o) V/=T g TaTe AVATe) [T g Tl=R s R d g TR {2 A M= 1 e R (o] E Yo 2ToIVAR o ISR A /o XU ale [T #=TaTe [ o VA TZR (el g [=le MM (eIU N1 T F={ s | AVWYZT g1 B Ko) I ETTa R\ A elU R o] le Xle R g TS SR Ao = Ta e AWl s o1l d g TEAVAS a L) WAV L= o To 01 4 gender or power or memory.
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