1013 Labor, Logistic, Empire Logistics City Port of Oakland

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Oct 16, 2023
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10/13: Labor, Logistic, Empire: Logistics City: Port of Oakland → the global supply chain hopes to annihilate space and time via capitalism → distance is measure in time, even within that, in nanoseconds, not miles → main tactic to combat GSC: labor strikes, interrupt production and supply chain in some way Example: Combatting Settler-Colonization tropes & Interrupting the Supply Chain 1. Palestinian Trade union Call for immediate and urgent action from International Trade Unions in May 2021 a. In the Port of Oakland, Longshoreman went on strike and refused to unload containers from Palestine as way of showing support for the movement, Huge loss for the Israel b. Shows that the circulation of commodities can be interrupted as well Observe: there is a REVERSE movement of containerization as well → Goods and commodities from into the US through containers, but then are ±lled with e-waste, tissue paper, plastic waste, etc. from the US and sent to the East in these very containers to be disposed of, harming ecosystems, rural communities, and further peripheralizing these nations The World Social Forum rose in Porto Allegre, combats the hegemony of neoclassical economics Long Beach Port: documentary of the Long Beach Logistics City and its impact on the Tent City in Ontario,CA, air pollution and public health hazards, etc. California the state is almost bankrupt yet through its many port cities has a GDP that is in the top 8, above many, many nations Disciplinary power of logistics: Truck drivers must wear sensory watches that stop them from using the bathroom or getting a meal on long drivers
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