REM300 Week 3 Discussion 2023Fall

REM300 WEEK THREE DISCUSSION Prepared by: Aiden Li (GA)
TODAY'S AGENDA Perusall Grading Investment assignment Discussion of the week's lecture materials and reading Q&A
PERUSALL GRADING Minimum FIVE high-quality annotations/comments Comment on the text or other students' comments Comments need to be distributed evenly across the content High-quality comments are usually more than 80 words (see ) Return to the reading multiple times throughout the week This is a collaborative exercise, and it is crucial that you follow up with comments you made and interact with other students If you only open the reading once OR made all your comments at once, you will not receive the full mark You must read the entire text online You will not receive the full mark if you only read a fraction of the text. Start early; DO NOT wait until the last minute!
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