T - } B ' ST R R S e iy SRy Ry e TR o S TR PP S B R Bl 1 g nhi¢ SOV IR S e G T o e A A g yi R RS R s BD e e R s AT . } & e 2. Matthew Desmond also points out that we cannot just study the individual when trying to understand a social phenomena such as poverty and eviction. He explains that structural forces such as the housing market, court systems, and the economy are also to blame for the social issues related to poverty and eviction. Here, he is studying poverty and eviction using the ¥ 540 levels a. psychological b. geographical C. macro d. micro 3. Matthew Desmond writes that 18 "when you try to unde.rstand people t'>y allowing their lives to mold your own as fully and genuinely 'as posm.bly. You do thlslby building rapport with the people you want to know better and f(?llowmg ther.n ov;ar a (?sg stretch of time, observing and experiencing what they do, workmg. and playl'ng alongside them, and recording as much action and interaction as you can until yotixfil:legllir; t:t:othn;ove like they move, talk like they talk, think like they think, and feel something y feel". What kind of research 1s this? e
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