5-2 Discussion- Proper Sampling

5-2 Discussion: Proper Sampling My own example of improper sampling from my day-to-day life is how my boss uses convenience sampling to get quick and easy results that he uses to manipulate his employees with. My boss will go to his friends and work buddies because he has easy access to them, without any regard to the larger population, and he will get information from him to get what he wants. For example, one time he was trying to prove that most of his employees were happy with the way things were being done in the field of work we work in. He only surveyed people at his company that he knew would benefit from siding with him and not any of us that disagreed with him. So my boss arrived at the conclusion that the majority of his employees are satisfied with the way things are at his company, which is likely to be false. This sampling method is improper because it's not random, the outcome is not accurate, and it's bias. The type of sampling that should have been used is a probability sampling method, such as simple random sampling. This would help to avoid bias and get more accurate results. In my opinion, my boss and all of the employees would have benefited more from a proper sampling because the company would be more successful with happier employees, which in turn would make my boss happier. Reference: Doane, D. P., & Seward, L. E. (2022). Applied Statistics in Business and Economics (7th ed., pp. 1-231). McGraw Hill.
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