Why are you going Canada? Canada is a very beautiful country, where most of student wants to go after 12 th std. Canada is my dream country. I want to go Canada for my further studies. No doubt in India there are a lot of educational opportunities, but there is lack of employment opportunity in India. There is very less employment in India, most of government jobs were reserved. Other reason I prefer to go Canada as there is best living standard. Government of Canada provide many opportunities to their citizens. In Canada future of every citizen is secure. In Canada there are a lot of opportunities for a student. What made you choose this course? I prefer this course as this is a skill-based course, we came to learn about different culinary skills. This course is a practical course also, it contains more practical and less theoretical work. Moreover, this course has great value in Canada. And main reason for choosing this course is that I want to cook food professionally and perfectly.
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