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Assignment 2: Name: Navjot Singh Student number: 8876878 Questions about the "Ethnic" Enclaves Article In the space below each question, type your answers ensuring that they appear in single- spaced format using 12-point font. Each answer should be approximately 50-80 words in length. 1. Why are the vast majority of "ethnic" enclaves now located in sprawling suburbs? (1 mark) ANSWER: There are many reasons why "ethnic" communities have moved to large suburbs. One explanation is the availability of more spacious and reasonably priced houses in suburban areas. Families of immigrants frequently move to these places in search of better prospects and a sense of community. In comparison to crowded urban centers, suburban neighborhoods may offer a more tranquil and family-friendly atmosphere. Ethnic communities naturally disperse as cities grow and become more diverse, reflecting the shifting dynamics and desires of the immigrant population. 2. The "ethnic" enclave of Markham is quite prosperous. It was created in the 1990s. What are 2 economic factors that are changing the prosperity of "ethnic" enclaves today? Why should this be of concern? (2 marks) ANSWER: Globalization and technology development are two economic variables that currently have an impact on the wealth of ethnic enclaves. International business opportunities brought up by globalization make local enterprises face more competition. E-commerce and other technological developments change consumer behavior and have an impact on conventional brick-and-mortar stores. This is concerning because it may affect the enclaves' ability to maintain their economic stability, cultural vitality, and sense of community, potentially resulting in socioeconomic inequities. The long-term well-being of these communities depends on finding a balance between economic development and cultural preservation. 3. The article quotes a Toronto city planner as follows: "Ethnic areas...(are) some extent a sign of social dysfunction rather than a sign of social integration." Why do you agree or disagree with this statement? (5 marks) ANSWER: Ethnic neighborhoods, in my opinion, are more of a sign of societal integration than a problem. These vibrant enclaves usually serve as centers of culture where inhabitants may preserve their traditions, dialects, and social structures. This encourages a sense of neighborhood and cultural pride. This promotes diversity and mutual respect in turn. However,
to gain a more comprehensive perspective, it is imperative to engage in meaningful discussions on this issue and keep an open mind to various viewpoints.
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