Course Title: Renewable Energy Policy and Regulation Instructor: [Your Name] Office Hours: [Specify office hours and location] Course Description: This course examines the policies, regulations, and frameworks that shape the development and integration of renewable energy sources into national and international energy systems. Students will explore the economic, social, and environmental implications of renewable energy policies, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with their implementation. The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the policy landscape governing renewable energy. Prerequisites: Introduction to Environmental Policy or equivalent Basic knowledge of energy systems Textbook: "Renewable Energy Policy" by Paul Komor
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, students should be able to: Understand the policy context and drivers for renewable energy adoption. Analyze the different policy instruments and regulatory frameworks supporting renewable energy. Evaluate the economic, social, and environmental impacts of renewable energy policies. Examine the role of government agencies, international organizations, and NGOs in shaping renewable energy policy. Assess the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of renewable energy policies. Discuss current developments and emerging trends in renewable energy policy. Assessment: Class Participation (10%): Active engagement in class discussions, policy analysis, and group activities. Policy Analysis Papers (25%): Weekly papers analyzing specific renewable energy policies and their implications. Midterm Exam (20%): Assessment of understanding key concepts in renewable energy policy. Policy Research Project (25%): Individual or group project researching and proposing a renewable energy policy. Final Exam (15%): Comprehensive exam covering the entire course.
Class Presentation (5%): Presenting findings from the policy research project or engaging in a discussion on current topics in renewable energy policy. Class Schedule: Week 1-2: Introduction to Renewable Energy Policy Definition and importance of renewable energy policy Historical development and key contributors Week 3-4: Policy Instruments and Regulatory Frameworks Feed-in tariffs, renewable portfolio standards, and other policy instruments Regulatory frameworks for renewable energy development Week 5-6: Economic, Social, and Environmental Impacts Economic considerations and incentives for renewable energy Social implications and community engagement Environmental impacts and sustainability Week 7-8: Government Agencies and International Organizations Role of government agencies in shaping renewable energy policy International cooperation and agreements
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