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Nov 8, 2023
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RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL SERVICES PRACTICE EXAM LATEST UPDATE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS NEW SOLUTION Which of that following locations at dwelling units require GFCI protection? - Receptacles within gaarages Which type of cable with a corrugated sheath has a maximum bend raduis of 7 times the cable diameter? - Type MC Which of the following circuits require a minimum of 20A of overcurrent protection? - Residential small appliance branch circuits According to the NEC, which of the following is required for the small appliance loads in each kitchen area? - Two 120V, 20A small appliance branch circuits According to NEC Section 220.53, loads for which of the following appliances shall be permissible to apply a demand factor of 75%? - Fixed appliances The NEC allows the load calculation for the ground neutral conductor supplying electric ranges and dryers to have a demand factor of ______. - 70% Which of the following is required to carry the lighting load for the residence in the figure above? - Two 15A circuits How many square feet of livable space are in the home in figure above? - 1,200 Which of the following is the minimum NEC lighting load requirement for the home in the figure above? - 3,600VA Which of the following is an NEC-approved grounding electrode? - Metal underground water pipe in direct contact with the earth for 10 feet The minimum clearance of service drop conductors over a residential driveway is reduced to 12 feet when the voltage is limited to ________. - 300V to ground The section of the NEC that lists the requirements for installing service disconnecting means is ______. - NEC Section 230.70 Romex is a trade name for _____. - Type NM cable
Cables routed through bored holes in framing members must maintain a distance from the nearest edge of not less than ______. - 1-1/4 inches Which of the following must be supported at intervals of 6 feet or less? - Type MC cable Which of the following will detect a current imbalance as low as 4 miliamps? - A GFCI sensor When used as an outside service-entrance conductor, which of the following must be secured every 30 inches? - Type SE cable Traveler conductors are used to connect two _______. - Three-way switches To control a device from three locations, a four-way switch must be used with which of the following? - Two three- way switches To control stairway lighting, a wall switch is required at each level when how many risers separate floor levels? - Six or more Which section of the NEC covers the installation of pools and spas? - NEC Section 680 A GFCI sensor will trip when the ____. - current in the neutral load is less than the current in the hot load. Listed FMC may be used as an equipment grounding conductor if the circuit conductors are protected by overcurrent devices rated at ______ - 20A or less Which section of the NEC covers equipment grounding and equipment grounding conductors? - NEC Section 250 One of the advantages of electric heat is that ______. - Initial installation costs are less than other types of systems Any outlet that supplies power to a hot tub shall be _______. - GFCI protected The conductors that extend from the panelboard to various outlets are called _____. - branch circuits Exposed noncurremt-carrying metal parts of fixed equipment must be grounded if the equipment operates with any terminal over_____. - 150V to ground Conductors used for electric heating units must be sized for what percentage of the heater's nameplate rating? - 125%
In a residential pool area, receptacles ______. - must be at least 6 feet from the inside walls of the pool A grounding electrode conductor must be ______. - made of copper, aluminum, or copper-clad aluminum An electric heat pump is a type of HVAC system that _____. - furnishes more energy than it consumes Power to the entire residence is shut of at the main service disconnect located _______. - at the panelboard at the service drop A feeder is used to connect _______. - the main service panel and a sub panel When a noncombustible wall finish is used, an outlet box may be recessed______. - 1/4"
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