K1567 Outline Supply Chain

Outline Supply Chain A. Why is it important to consider uncertainty when evaluating supply chain design decisions? I. Currently, supply chain design has become a vital strategic activity. II. Given the significant contribution of the supply chain toward the success of a business, it is important to consider uncertainties when developing or evaluating supply chains. B. What are the major financial uncertainties faced by electronic components manufacturer s deciding whether to build a plant in Thailand or the United States? I. The major financial sources of financial uncertainties are the fluctuations of currencies and the price of products that differ from country to country. C. What is the optimal location for the Super Assembly Center? I. The Super Assembly Center's optimal location is on an X-Y grid 550.615, 808.311 D. Use a decision tree to determine whether Moon should add capacity to its Santa Clara plant or if it should outsource Molectron. What are some other factors that we have not discussed that would affect this decision? I. The calculation shows that the cost involved in adding the capacity is lower than the outsourcing cost. E. From which B2B marketplace should Unipart buy its parts? I. There are convincing arguments in favor of Unipart purchasing the parts from the MRO.com marketplace, even if the upfront cost is higher.
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