ECO237 Exercise 8 John Fury - [email protected] October 29, 2023 Collaborators: Mick Ronald By turning in this assignment, I agree by the university honor code and declare that all of this is my own work. Essay for Context 71-911 City Star is a Russian four-axle four-door single-sided tram with a completely low level floor, created by LLC PC Transport Systems at the facilities of Tver Carriage Works. Jia Jia was a female giant panda who resided at Ocean Park Hong Kong. At the time of her death, she was the oldest giant panda in captivity. Heliopetes leucola is a butterfly in the family Hesperiidae. It is found in Brazil in the states of Minas Gerais and Paran. Jaeson Ma is an American serial entrepreneur, artist, and media executive. He is the founder of the east-west talent, brand strategy & investment firm East West Ventures, a co-founder of 88rising, and a co-founder of Stampede Ventures, chairman and co-founder of broadcast production and distribution company EST Media Holdings, and its subsidiary ventures: EST Studios,, Eastern Standard Times, and OP3N,. He is also a member of Milken Institute - Young Leaders Circle (YLC). Ma has also been featured in Variety 500. Niels Christian Hansen was a Danish portrait and genre painter; brother of the pioneering photographer Georg Emil Hansen. "Baarish" (transl.Rain) is a Hindi song from the film Half Girlfriend. It is written by Arafat Mehmood and Tanishk Bagchi, and composed by Tanishk Bagchi. It is sung by Ash King. The giant armadillo, colloquially tatu-canastra, tatou, ocarro or tat carreta, is the largest living species of armadillo. It lives in South America, ranging throughout as far south as northern Argentina. This species is considered vulnerable to extinction. Professional organizing emerged as an industry in 1984 within Los Angeles. A professional organizer assists individuals and businesses to improve their organizing systems and process. In England and Wales, the Tudor period occurred between 1485 and 1603, and included the Elizabethan period during the reign of ElizabethI (15581603). The Tudor period coincides with the dynasty of the House of Tudor in England, which began with the reign of HenryVII. Historian John Guy (1988) argued that "England was economically healthier, more expansive, and more optimistic under the Tudors" than at any time since the Roman occupation. The 1980 United States presidential election in Kentucky took place on 1
November 4, 1980. All 50 states and The District of Columbia were part of the 1980 United States presidential election. Kentucky voters chose 9 electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. Questions 1. Who created the Russian tram 71-911 'City Star'? A. LLC 'PC Transport Systems' B. Tver Carriage Works C. Russian Government D. City Star Tram Company 2. Where did Jia Jia, the oldest giant panda in captivity, reside? A. Ocean Park Hong Kong B. Beijing Zoo C. San Diego Zoo D. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding 3. Which family does Heliopetes leucola belong to? A. Pieridae B. Nymphalidae C. Hesperiidae D. Lycaenidae 4. Which of the following is Jaeson Ma NOT associated with? A. East West Ventures B. 88rising C. Stampede Ventures D. Variety 500 5. Which of the following describes Niels Christian Hansen? A. A Danish singer B. A Danish politician C. A Danish portrait and genre painter D. A Danish athlete 6. Who is the composer of the song 'Baarish'? A. Arafat Mehmood B. Tanishk Bagchi C. Ash King D. Half Girlfriend 2
7. Where is the giant armadillo found? A. North America B. Europe C. Africa D. South America 8. When did professional organizing emerge as an industry? A. 1970 B. 1984 C. 1990 D. 2005 9. When did the Tudor period occur in England and Wales? A. 1450-1600 B. 1558-1603 C. 1485-1603 D. 1500-1600 10. How many electors did Kentucky voters choose in the 1980 United States presidential election? A. 5 B. 9 C. 12 D. 15 3
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