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ECON 201
Nov 5, 2023
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& C' A & https://egator.greenriver.edu/courses/1118577/quizzes/1790810 Question 8 111 pts If average fixed costs equal $60 and average total costs equal $120 when output is 100, the total variable cost must be Question 9 0/1pts In 1632, the Virginia Legislature decreed that all love apples must be sold for $1 per bushel (no more, no less). At the time, Mr. McKintoch had 1,000 bushels of love apples ready for harvesting. His sunk costs were $1,100, and his total costs (including sunk costs) would have been $1,800 if he harvested. If McKintoch decided not to harvest because he did not think he could cover his total costs, he Last Attempt Details: Time: 15 minutes Current Score: 4 outof9 Kept Score: 4 outof9 2 Attempts so far @ View Previous Attempts No More Attempts available
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