Have either deleted the place or sry for not entering it. Does he have a name? I want to know If anyone play sp2 I guess it's time for me to promote my own thread since I just found the thread by ThomasL's puny.net a link to which is this http:www.drekhecky.netsp2forumtopic12373-whats-your-sp2-name-sic- fire§ion=&view=f I listen to a lot of newgothnoize bands, and usually end up going outpouring my hatred has recoreded in my head, if anyone wants to hear my refined punkmod style of Hatred talk I'll happily oblige (look them up). 1) Where are you? Calgary 2) What inspired the namesong? ... Ha, I figured since you're a rasa you'd understand this Galharnil.the poet! Hi @Yahso, I decided to get a kick out of this..."Why such a sad face, you frightful guy? Hurray! It's not tears, it's just a sour smoothie of emotion so damp that it manifests as an image."-Dr. Dolittle @Moon , everything. You are on the thread havingUr grundios so it doesn't die for some reason. He's a scary summoner and he has the ability to teleport and give himself self invincibility in a second! I had to stun him and then kill him. He didn't even have a head left! He stuns me from like 50 metres away! Did I deserve that much hatred for running out of critical mass? Lesson 1: Even if the game may constantly try and screw you, you can counter them if you have one strong point in the game. Just know how to get away after they start going crazy, and profit. Lesson 2: If you see twos and ... My cat walked into our network, at the size of CYC House lol? Its hilarious. I hope there is a plugin that shuts that rediculous creature off or find out how to escape from it. If there is kindly let me know because ik how to fix it. I might. 1. What is the term for the study of the nature of knowledge, belief, and justification? a) Ethics b) Aesthetics c) Epistemology d) Metaphysics 2. In Greek mythology, who is the god of wine, pleasure, and the arts? a) Apollo b) Hermes c) Dionysus d) Hades
3. What is the term for a type of fluid flow in which the flow pattern is irregular, with eddies and swirls? a) Laminar flow b) Turbulent flow c) Steady flow d) Compressible flow 4. What is the marketing strategy that involves setting a high initial price for a new product and gradually lowering it to attract different market segments? a) Penetration pricing b) Skimming pricing c) Competitive pricing d) Premium pricing 5. In the context of international investments, what is the term for the risk associated with unexpected and sudden political changes in a foreign country that may affect an investment? a) Currency risk. b) Sovereign risk. c) Credit risk. d) Liquidity risk. 6. What ancient Mesopotamian king created the first written code of laws circa 1754 BCE, known as the Code of Hammurabi? a) Gilgamesh b) Sargon c) Hammurabi d) Nebuchadnezzar
7. In the context of accounting, what does the acronym "GAAP" stand for? a) Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures b) Global Accounting Assessment Protocol c) Generally Applied Accounting Principles d) General Analysis of Accounting Practices 8. Who is the author of the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," which explores themes of racial injustice and moral growth in the American South? a) Harper Lee b) John Steinbeck c) F. Scott Fitzgerald d) Mark Twain 9. What is the primary purpose of the `zip()` function in Python? a) To sort a list in ascending order b) To compress files and folders c) To combine multiple iterable objects into a single iterable d) To count the occurrences of an element in a list 10. What is a trie data structure and what are some applications where tries provide efficiency? a) Tree optimized for fast prefix lookups and auto-complete - used in dictionaries, databases, search. b) Prioritizes and queues tasks based on importance and urgency. c) Network topology that connects multiple sources to a single destination. d) Statistical tool that removes anomalies in large datasets.
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