Module 5 Assignment Booklet

CALM/CTR1010/HCS3000 BLACK GOLD SUMMER SCHOOL Module 5: Assignment Booklet ____ NAME: DUE DATE: SECTION 1 SECTION 2 SECTION 3 SECTION 4 TOTAL PERCENTAGE PATHWAYS AND FUTURES 55 36 32 27 150 1 This resource is an adaptation of information and materials developed by Black Gold Regional School Division, Alberta Education Tools4Teachers, High School Financial Planning Tool,, and numerous other websites as acknowledged throughout the materials.
Module 5: Pathways and Futures Assignment Booklet 2 Value ASSIGNMENT BOOKLET -MODULE 5: PATHWAYS AND FUTURES /55 Section 1: Career Roadmaps 1. Matching - Read each statement carefully. Select the term that best matches the statement by writing the letter of the matching term in the box. A. Entrepreneur B. Apprentice C. Journeyperson D. Certificate E. Diploma F. Degree A four or usually d A worker who is training A person who runs a pri A tradesperson who h of Qualification A one year post-secon usually delivered at a A two or three year post-secondary credential usually earned at a college 2. Matching - Sort the following examples and phrases into the correct career pathways. Place the appropriate letter in the box before each statement. W: workforce A: apprenticeship C: college U: university Welder and Chef On-the-job training only Four to eight years of post-secondary training resulting in a degree Licensed Practical Nurse and Oilfield Technologist 1 to 3 years of post-secondary study resulting in a certificate or diploma Accountant and Marine Biologist
Training combines 16-24 weeks of schooling with on-the-job training Waiter and Long-Haul Truck Driver Module 5: Pathways and Futures Assignment Booklet 3 3. Short Answer - Read the following scenario. Help Celeste make her decision by providing two benefits and two drawbacks of each career pathway. Celeste will be completing high school in June. She is struggling with what she should do after she graduates. She loves working with children and is considering 3 options: working in a local daycare, entering the Early Learning and Child Care diploma program at Grant MacEwan, or starting an Education degree at the U of A. WORK IN A LOCAL DAYCARE BENEFITS: DRAWBACKS: EARN AN EARLY LEARNING AND CHILD CARE DIPLOMA AT GRANT MACEWAN BENEFITS: DRAWBACKS: EARN A BACHELOR OF EDUCATION DEGREE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA BENEFITS:
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