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Jul 26, 2023
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105406 - B % E5 .l 65%m what it would cost to live elsewhere. Remember, you are not comparing what your job will pay; you are comparing the annual salary you will NEED to live in Houston to the salary you would NEED to live the same lifestyle in two other cities. 1) Using the CNN Money Calculator first, select Houston, Texas as the city where you live. Next, slide the black dot left or right to the salary amount that best represents the Annual Salary Needed amount listed on your Texas Reality Check Budget report ($93K = $95K). Finally, select the state and city where you would like to consider moving once you begin your career. (2) Record "how far your salary will go" or the salary you would NEED to live in that city as shown on the calculator. 6. Think about how you can help your community as you learn the transferable "soft skills" employers find valuable as you study. Find two places where you could possibly volunteer in the future that could use the skills you will acquire from studying and working in your profession. Use the information you found at Volunteer Houston > or another volunteer website to write this paragraph. JWhere vouvolunteerdoes NOT peed to be 11} @] &
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