PSYC324 Week 3 Media proposal

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Nov 20, 2023
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Running Head: PSYC324: WEEK 3 MEDIA PROPOSAL 1 PSYC324: Week 3 Media proposal Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date:
PSYC324: WEEK 3 MEDIA PROPOSAL 2 PSYC324: Week 3 Media proposal The American community has faced diverse challenges arising from the increasing trends of substance abuse. Substance abuse is a common trend in the community and affects younger people, including adolescents and children. One issue that has been witnessed concerning illegal and inappropriate substances is the rising trends in the media. The media has a major role in information presentation and entertainment. However, there has been a rising trend in advertising for various substances like tobacco and alcohol. This trend has affected how the community perceives substance abuse. The exposure of the younger people to these advertisements has lured them into their use and consumption. Numerous issues have been recorded concerning the continued exposure to such advertisements. Youths and adolescents are continually consuming alcohol and tobacco regardless of the perceived negative effects. This issue has been associated with increasing exposure to media advertisements. The media has advertised these products without considering the potential negative effects that may be witnessed concerning consumers' health. The article shows that the media has used various advertising strategies to enhance consumption regardless of age and target markets ( American Academy of Pediatrics, 2010 ). Further, the film industry has used various strategies to market the underlying products to the target consumers. However, the industry has failed to minimize advertising these substances as fun to the consumers since the classification of films does not prevent minors from watching. Through the current advertising and portrayal of alcohol and tobacco products in the media, it has increased their consumption amongst the various populations. It follows that while the government has offered numerous interventions for promoting wellness and community health, the media has failed to differentiate between entertainment and health hazards in the products
PSYC324: WEEK 3 MEDIA PROPOSAL 3 and services marketed within the various areas. This section concludes that while playing a crucial role in defining the relationships between the communities, this section concludes that the media has failed to determine the best approaches to enhance wellness.
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