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Nov 20, 2023
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STUDENT ESSAY FORM (StEF) Document No.: Effective Date: DATE SUBMITTED: 09/14/2023 COURSE / SECTION: NSTP100-CON15 ACTIVITY TITLE: Essay #6 REALIZATION, INSIGHT AND LEARNINGS What is your role or contribution in our country's national security ? Student's Answer : National security is the status in which a country safeguards and improves the things it holds dear, such as its territorial integrity, sovereignty, the way of life of its people, and their well-being. Importantly, national and human security are not separate ideas but intertwined. A nation's capacity to shield its citizens and assets directly affects the welfare of its individuals. One's contribution is acknowledged for the nation's overall strength, producing resilient individuals. Both are essential for maintaining the stability and success of the state and its inhabitants. As a member of our society, I have a role to play and ways to contribute to our nation's security. Even though I'm a student, active engagement in our community can significantly impact promoting positive social change. Staying informed about current events and sharing that knowledge with others can raise awareness and empower us to take necessary action. By reading books and articles and staying updated with the news, I can serve as a means to educate and positively influence those around me by speaking up and sharing what I know. Another way I can contribute is by participating in various community campaigns that align with our shared goals, address pertinent issues, and offer solutions. By doing so, we can work together to strengthen our country's national security, fostering better relationships within our community. As a student and a young member of society, I must prioritize my education. By doing so, I can become a valuable contributor to our nation, working towards its improvement and betterment. In summary, the roles and contributions I've discussed represent only a portion of how young individuals and students can actively contribute to national security. Through activities such as sharing information, advocating for important issues, acquiring knowledge, and participating in community initiatives, we can mold our society into one characterized by social awareness and well-informed individuals. It equips us to be more resilient and prepared for emergencies, ensuring readiness for any situation that may arise. I can also inspire my peers by emphasizing that if adults can make a difference, so can we. It's important to remember that even small steps can have a significant impact in the long run as we work towards building an informed and responsible society.
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