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Some of the main data points I came across are: Dr. Dennis Quinn recently left his position as Police Inspector, having served 31 years, in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. On April 4, 2002, the police service for Northern Ireland officially took over from the royal ulster constabulary (RUC). These new police service became one of the largest police organizations in the UK The Patten Commission established to review policing (Belfast Agreement, 1999) made 175 major recommendations that called for radical change including many of which related to cultural aspects of the organization, e.g., representation, diversity, symbols, and uniform. "Effective communication is a vital ingredient of attempts to increase participation, secure the widespread ownership of corporate goals and implement such programs as Total Quality Management ". Quasi-military or paramilitary lines synonymous with hierarchical command structures have also been associated with police organizations . Lack of consultation and poor communications have been listed as elements of how ineffective management affects stress within the police service10 while internal communication and understanding have been rated as some of the major themes for improving quality .
Reciprocal communication at all levels of the organization is essential for the optimization of goal achievement While the RUC has been structured on the lines of a civilian police-based organization it has been unique in the UK in that it has had to operate against a backdrop of intense terrorism, with its members being one of the main targets of the terrorist campaign. 6. However, despite such constraints, it has been argued that the organization is as near to other UK police organizations as other "police forces in ethnically divided societies, if not marginally closer". Despite this there has not been any attempt to intensively measure communication within the RUC. This study was designed to contribute to the paucity of empirical research in this field. It was anticipated that a comprehensive examination of the communication practices and processes of the RUC would not only facilitate the formulation of a coherent communication strategy but would contribute to the development and refinement of existing theoretical perspectives on police organizations. The most widely known approach to the measurement of internal communications is the communication audit. There was an overall view that more action should be taken on the information being sent by respondents within the organization. The most significant shortfall was in relation to colleagues in CID. Respondents reported they felt slightly more than CID currently took 'little' action on the information they had sent to them, and they wished a great deal more action to be taken. The nearest to the CID difference was in relation to People in other departments who provide services for your Sub-division, Colleagues in Sub-divisional operational units - OSU, Drug Liaison, and Civil administrators. Respondents felt that those who
took the most action on the information they sent were immediate work colleagues, immediate supervisors, and inspectors. As part of my final project, I want to understand and learn more about the northern police Ireland communication audit from outside sources too, so that I can make the project with great content.
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