Practice Role Play Evaluation Template 2

Page 1 Role Play #1 : SELF-EVALUATION & CRITIQUE (You as a SELLER) Much learning comes from observing role plays on video. Watch it several times. Your grade is based on how detailed your critique is! STEP 1: ($10) After watching the video, fill out the Sales Call Score Sheet on the next page, in its entirety . Type in your name as the Seller. Each line item shows a number in the parenthesis (these are the points possible) and a letter (to refer to when discussing STEP 2 below). Type the points you have allocated to each line item (based on the Seller's performance) and then the sub-total in each gray box of the score sheet. Follow the example for the first section on the Approach. Add up your score at the end. Failure to add up your points will affect your grade! STEP 2: ($25) Discuss five (5) recommendations for improvement for YOU, the Seller , in the shaded space below. As you type in the shaded area below, the space will expand. Be hard on YOURSELF. Basically, if YOU had to be the Seller again, what would you do differently and why? Be specific and detailed. Refer to the line-item letter on the score sheet (for example: A, B, C, etc.). ($5 each) The first recommendation for improvement I would give myself is to better adapt to the buyer's communication style. I realized that the buyer had a very upbeat and loud communication style, so maybe if I would've gone into the meeting with a bit more emotion it would have flowed through the communication. If we go back to point E, I graded myself 1 point for the lack of adaptation. The second recommendation Is a better transition into the products I was about to present, I think that this could have been polished. I could have reiterated the conversation we had earlier on the phone as a way to reintroduce her problems, and then maybe I could have gone and introduced the solutions our company offers. If we focus on point J , I reduced two points off due to the lack of transitioning. The third recommendation I would give is some type of product pricing and compare costs to the value (benefits) for the buyer, unfortunately I had to give myself no points. This was due to the fact that the prompt did not want us to initiate any pricing discussions, that was going to be saved for the next meeting. For that I had to give myself no points in Point O. The fourth recommendation I would give is to ask for commitment from the buyer to buy, although my meeting with the buyer went well, I think getting some type of show of commitment from the would have helped my presentation. I discussed all the plans we offer, and how it would benefit their company, but I never asked any questions to show commitment from them. For that I had to reduce half point in Point N. The last recommendation I would give is to manage the meeting better effectively, I feel like the nervousness and intimidation of this being my first roleplay made me stumble and have a very quick Role Play. I didn't give myself any points in Point AA . Because of this, I feel like there needs to be better structured and ordered points that I should have addressed, it seemed like I was asking very wide-ranging questions.
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