Oral Presentation for Online Course

Videotape of Oral Presentation Guidelines Record your oral presentation on a digital video camera and then use YouTube to upload your video. o Upload your video as public but unlisted. This way, only people with the link can see the video. If your video is private, no one can see it and it cannot be graded. o Post the link in the appropriate discussion board on Blackboard for this assignment. no question that the audience is present throughout the entire performance. DELIVERY / VIDEO Set Up - All guidelines below must be followed or your speech grade may result in a ZERO. o I should be able to hear you and see you clearly. ALWAYS check your video in its entirety before you send it to me! I must be able to see your eyes and face clearly. o Position the camera so that I can see you straight on FROM THE HIPS/KNEES UP . I must be able to see any movement and gestures you perform. o You MUST BE STANDING to deliver your presentation. o You MUST NOT have any indication that you are reading from a computer screen or any other full sentence projection/script of your speech. Make it clear that you are using your created limited note cards and that you are speaking extemporaneously. I'd suggest you use a podium of some sort so you can put your notecards down, viewable for yourself, but opening your hands/arms up for gestures. o I should see you for the ENTIRETY of the oral presentation. Do not pan around the room, do not submit a video where you are not in the picture at all times, do not zoom in etc. o Also, make sure your appearance conveys your professionalism. Do NOT wear a hat. Do NOT chew gum. Do NOT wear anything that will distract from your presentation (no writing on shirts, no loud -literally or figuratively- jewelry, etc). DO: look presentable/professional and feel as confident as possible in how you look and what you wear. Pull your hair back so it does not fall in your face. o The video you submit MUST BE ONE TAKE ! You should NOT edit your video or do different 'cuts' and put them together for your speech.
While you can tape the full presentation as much as you want before submitting the take you'd like to be graded, you will receive ZERO CREDIT if there is any editing to the video showing that you've cut something out or added something that was not in one non-stop delivery of your speech. I should see you the entire time you're delivering. Similarly, I suggest you use a tripod to ensure the video is steady and focused on you for the entirety of the speech. Create a professional environment for your performance space. Eliminate all distractions for the audience and for you, such as pets, children, and background noise (TV, radio, conversations, etc.) Points will be deducted from your grade if these viewer distractions occur. Avoid shooting outside where you have no control over light, wind, traffic, people, dogs, trains, etc. If you shoot outside, you will have to use an external microphone in order to hear you clearly.
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