EMPATHY VS SYMPATHY Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Understanding the difference. Empathy and sympathy are often used interchangeably but they have unique meanings. Both involved recognising someone's feelings but as shown in different ways. Sympathy is when you are feeling sorry for someone because they're going through a tough time. Empathy is when you try to understand how someone else is feeling by putting yourself in their position. Empathy walking in someone else's shoes. Empathy is more than just feeling sorry for someone. It is when you put yourself in their shoes and truly understand how they might be feeling. For example, if your friend maverick lost his favourite pair of sunglasses, he probably feels a bit sad. Empathising with him means that you can imagine how unhappy he might be because you can remember how you felt when you lost something important. Empathy allows you to connect with others on a deeper level showing that you care about their emotions. Sympathy: Felling sorry and showing support. Showing sympathy is a strong emotion that allows us to express concern to others practically during challenging times. When we show sympathy towards others, we can recognise someone's feelings. When we can offer comfort, even if we haven't gone through the same experience ourselves. It's like conveying a message that says, 'I'm here for you, and your pain matters to me.' For example, if your friend lost their pet or did poorly on a test, he is probably very sad and upset. Even if you haven't encountered the same circumstances, you can still understand how he is feeling. Sympathy is a way of showing compassion and reassuring people that they're not alone when things become tough. Creating connections Being a supportive friend is all about showing empathy and sympathy. It's important to understand to relate to others, as it creates a world where everyone feels appreciated. If you come across a friend who is feeling embarrassed, lonely, or frustrated, be there for them and show support. Helping them through tough times is what a true friend is all about!
EMPATHY VS. SYMPATHY AFTER READING THR PASSAGE, ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BELOW. 1. What is empathy? A. stop a feeling of sadness for someone else's situation. B. Understanding and sharing someone else's feelings and experiences. C. Offering support and comfort to someone who is going through a tough time. D. Feeling sorry for someone else's challenges and difficulties 2. Determine if the scenario shows an example of sympathy or empathy. 'I'm so sorry your dog ran away. That must be difficult to deal with'. 3. why is showing empathy important? A. It strengthens connections, builds understandings, and supports others. B. It helps you feel sorry for other people. c. It lets you ignore other people's feelings. 4. Determine if the scenario shows an example or sympathy or empathy. 'I feel so bad for her. She studied so hard for her test and failed. I remember when I failed my test. I cried a lot too.' 5. TRUE OR FALSE: Sympathy involves offering comfort and support to others even if you haven't experienced the same situation as them. 4. Do you think it is important to be empathetic, sympathetic or both? Explain your answer full.
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