The long Commute

THE LONG COMMUTE Written by Brooks Bradshaw Address Phone Number
(MORE) INT. KITCHEN - MORNING A disheveled looking lawyer drinks coffee, when he looks up at the clock realizing he is late for work. JOHN Are you kidding me! I thought I had time! He sets the coffee down on the counter in a haste, and breaks it in the process; which spills coffee everywhere. JOHN (CONT'D) No! Not today! Any day but today! He puts his jacket down to clean the mess. JOHN (CONT'D) Okay I still have time if I hurry. Lets get this done. He realizes he put his jacket in a puddle of coffee on the counter. JOHN (CONT'D) Unbelievable! INT. CAR ON THE HIGHWAY John looks down at the dash and realizes that he is out of gas. JOHN No worries, it is only the most IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE! John runs over a curb, which pops his tire. INT. TIRE SHOP - DAY John stands there in defeat while his car gets fixed. The phone rings. John answers. JOHN Hey DOUG! I am just on my way there now, please tell me that Berkshire has not showed up yet. DOUG They are here right now. I don't know what to say to them John. (MORE)
DOUG (CONT'D) 2. This is the third time that you have done this to them. JOHN Tell them I had some car trouble and I will be there soon! EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY John races along the highway at blistering speeds. He white knuckles his steering wheel. JOHN If I lose this client I might as well quit. I am so tired of this long ass commute. John turns on the radio and the solo of "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard plays on the radio. JOHN (CONT'D) Thank god for rock! This is the way to drive! Berkshire, here I co... An empty vehicle transport truck slams on it's breaks. John does not stop in time and he ramps on the back of the truck, and flys into the air. JOHN (CONT'D) (Screaming) Holy shit! EXT. UNDERPASS - DAY A homeless man sits on the ground and lights a cigarette. A car comes out of nowhere and forcefully lands upright in front of the homeless man. HOMELESS MAN What the hell! Say man do you think I could get a ride? JOHN No! INT. OFFICE - DAY A group of executives waits in the conference room for John. DOUG (CONT'D) 2.
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