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COMM 2310
Oct 29, 2023
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Kobe wilson DQ 6 Professor Caliendo 2/28/23 Key Issue: Jargon with the audience Lundgren and McMakin (2018) brings a valid point in the reading mentioning, "Within each group, there is a common language, a shared way of viewing the world... However, once we step very far outside this shared vision, effective communication becomes much more difficult" (pp.117-118). So when it comes to communicating risk to people of different cultures or from a different country what's the best way to know how to communicate effectively with them? Key Issue: The safest way to get an audience analysis according to certain crisis . Lundgren and McMakin (2018 ) stated, "There are many ways to gather the audience analysis information listed previously. The best way is to go out and talk to your audience, and actually meet them face to face" (p.125). In a crisis communication situation how is this possible, especially in a time like covid where people were afraid to be face to face?
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