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Oct 23, 2023
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Team Contracts What is a team contract? A team contract outlines the ground rules for a project team. Who creates it, and why should you have a team contract? The project team works together to create the team contract and then uses it to help team performance. Benefits include promoting buy-in, commitment, and common values, as well as setting clear expectations and procedures for making decisions. What goes into a team contract? Team contracts should be customized to meet the needs of the project and the team. However, there are some general topics that should be covered, as follows: Code of Conduct Participation Communication Meeting Guidelines Handling a Problem Member .
Sample Team Contract Note: This is just a sample. Tailor your team contract to fit your needs. Feel free to use these ideas, but also feel free to add terms to the contract and delete items as desired. The important point to remember is that all members should agree to each term included in your contract. A. Code of Conduct As a project team, we will: 1. Work proactively, anticipating potential problems and working to prevent them 2. Keep other team members informed of information related to the project 3. Focus on what is best for the whole project team 4. See the team project through to completion and submit assignments no later than the agreed upon due date. B. Participation We will: 1. Be honest and open during all project activities 2. Encourage diversity in team work 3. Provide the opportunity for equal participation 4. Be open to new approaches and consider new ideas 5. Have one discussion at a time 6. Let the team leader know well in advance if a team member has to miss a meeting or may have trouble meeting a deadline for a given task C. Communication We will: 1. Communicate via email to maintain an easily assessed record of our information sharing 2. Focus on solving problems, not blaming people 3. Present ideas clearly and concisely 4. Keep discussions on track 5. Have one discussion at a time 6. Give all members equal voice 7. Be willing to sacrifice your idea based on majority viewpoints. Before discounting an idea, give the initiator of that idea an opportunity to elaborate on what that idea is relevant. D. Meeting Guidelines We will: 1. Plan to meet ten minutes before every class period in our classroom 2. Set clear objectives for each meeting to ensure the meeting is a good use of our time
3. Rotate who will record meeting minutes and send them out via e-mail within 24 hours of all project meetings E. Handling "Infractions" of the Team Contract We will: 1. If confronted with a team member who is not participating, inform the member of the infraction in a timely manner (immediately) and state what the member should do to regain standing in the group. 2. If the problem continues, the participating team members will give a written note or warning (via email) with a copy submitted to the course instructor. 4. If the behavior continues (and/or the team member ignores the communications from the group), team members will inform the individual that his/her non-performance will be noted in the peer evaluation, which could lead to the individual receiving zero points for the assignment. The course instructor will also be copied on this e-mail communication. We, the undersigned, have read and understood all of the above terms and conditions and agree fully to abide by them or accept the consequences set out above. Signature Date Signature Date Signature Date Signature Date Signature Date Signature Date
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