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DANCE 2220 AFRICAN DANCE I TH013 MON/WED 3:30-4:45pm FALL SEMESTER INSRUCTOR: ROXY FAIR/YAYA KAMBAYE TH015 X83452 OFFICE HOURS: MON/WED BY APPOINTMENT EMAIL: [email protected] ; [email protected] COURSE OBJECTIVES Students will learn the fundamentals of African dance. African dance is polyrhythmic, and very aerobic. Focus will be placed on stamina, stretching, muscle tone, and basic technique, which will include working with live music. The dance form requires use of the head, neck and back as essential elements of execution. Students will continue to learn pertinent terminology and various positions of the body and limbs to facilitate proper execution. Dance is an ACTIVE discipline that requires full participation and attendance in class. There is no book required for the class. REQUIREMENTS Attendance is mandatory and essential to your grade. We will be dancing in each class unless otherwise stated by the instructor. Class material will be cumulative. You need to be actively present in class to learn the material. You will be allowed 5 absences for the semester after which your grade will begin to be affected. If you are going to miss class, inform the instructor and let her/him know why you cannot attend class. You will be responsible for the material that you have missed in class. At least 90% of class work will show up in the midterm and/or final exam. All grades will be based on attendance, participation, execution of material, assignments, and musicality. Performance of midterm and final material is mandatory. The midterm and the final will be dance and could also include written work as assigned by the instructor. There will be no class Monday, September 4 th . The midterm exam date is Monday, October 16, 2023. Thanksgiving break is November 22-26, 2023. The final exam date is Monday, December 4th, 2023. All students are required to take the final exam. There will be one written assignment as follows: Research ONE of the following African empires; Ghanian, Songhay, or Mali. Write a three paged single-spaced paper about the origin, history, contributions, and demise of the empire. Include a cover page and a bibliography page (Total of five pages). The font should be no larger than 12. Faculty in the Diederich College of Communication recognize the value of strong writing and presentation skills among students as they make their mark in the world, especially as they pursue upper division courses, apply for internships, and seek jobs in communication after graduation. To that end, faculty expect students to apply the writing and presentation skills they have learned in COMM 1100 (or its equivalent) to all classes in communication.
Thus, all work in this class will be graded not only for content but also for the ability to express ideas following the general conventions for writing and presentation. Students can expect to lose up to 10 percent of their grade for writing presentation errors. Grading Scale: A 93-100; A- 90-92.99; B+ 87-89.99; B 83-86.99; B- 80-82.99; C+ 77- 79.99; C 73-76.99; C- 70-72.99; D+ 67-69.99; D 60-66.99; F 0-59.99 Attendance and class participation 50pts Midterm Exam 10pts Final Exam 30pts Written Work 10pts Cancellation of class or absence of the instructor could occur. In this event students will be notified via email regarding cancellation of class. DRESS CODE Ladies- Leggings or Capri's, leotards, sports bra or comfortable active-wear top with a high neckline. No revealing t-shirts! You will need 1 1/2 yards of fabric of your choice to wrap around your waist. This is called a "Lappa". Sarongs may be used. The instructor will show you how it should be tied and worn for class. A Lappa must be worn in class. You should have your Lappa by September 30th. Socks may be worn for the warm- up only. Men- Sweatpants, basketball shorts, or sports bottoms are acceptable. Please wear a proper support garment underneath. You must wear a fitted shirt sleeveless or short-sleeved. No caps! Socks may be worn during the warm- up only. Please use the dressing rooms to change. Leave the restroom to serve its primary function. Take your valuables into the classroom. No wet shoes or boots are allowed in the dance studio. This could damage the dance floor. Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations you may have at the beginning of the semester that may impede your participation in this course. All attempts will be made to accommodate physical challenges, but due to the nature of this course, if you are restricted to such an extent that participation is severely limited, the instructor will determine the feasibility of your continuation of this course.
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