Lecture Activity 2 (1)

8/28/23 Problem Statement: The mothers' kids' are loud at the airport. Help the mothers keep children quiet while moving throughout the airport. Who is this for? What is their story? For the mothers. The mothers struggle with loud children. Things they are trying to do ( needs ): To keep the kids quiet and peacefully get through the airport. Ways they want to feel ( insight/meaning ): To have smooth transitions while moving throughout the airport Point of View (POV) ( story of the person ): The mothers struggle with loud children. They want to get through the airport peacefully.
NEEDS TO: Keep the kids distracted and quiet. In a way that makes them FEEL : entertained(kids) calm/relaxed(mom) How Might We Statements (HMW): HMW: (AMP up the good) put up TVs around the airport showing kids shows, similarly to doctors offices. How might we use the kid's fixation on TV to distract them? HMW: (ID unexpected resources) take advantage of the airplanes to provide some kind of entertainment or outside stimulus for the kids to watch using a window. HMW use items around them or with them to distract the children? HMW: (Play POV against the challenge): Create a small play place for the kids along with other kids in the same departure. Away from the middle so it doesn't obstruct other people. How might we make the airport a fun place for children? EXAMPLE: Problem Statement ( general statement outlining the problem your are attempting to solve ): Improve the ground experience for mothers traveling with kids at the local international airport
POV ( the narrative of a specific user to build empathy and clarify their needs and motivation ): Harried mother of three , rushing through the airport only to wait hours at the gate, needs to entertain her playful children because "annoying little brats" only irritate already frustrated fellow passengers Possible How Might We (HMW) Statements: HMW statements are not questions for the user, they are questions the designers ask themselves to break the main need into manageable parts and clarify the needs fully. Sources: https://dschool-old.stanford.edu/sandbox/groups/k12/wiki/22e39/attachments/841a8/pov %20madlib.pdf?sessionID=8cbdfc6129ceb041dbad2247ffc9d0112fd0ebce http://crowdresearch.stanford.edu/w/img_auth.php/f/ff/How_might_we.pdf
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