4-2 Milestone Two

1 4-2 Milestone Two: Corporate Press Release in Response to a Healthcare Crisis Tequila Higgins Communications Department, Southern New Hampshire University COM 620 - Strategic Com in a New Age Professor Anthony Knopps October 14, 2023
2 4-2 Milestone Two: Corporate Press Release in Response to a Healthcare Crisis For Immediate Release Atlanta, GA — Emory Hospital, a leading healthcare institution, is committed to the well-being and privacy of our patients. Today, we are addressing a concerning incident involving a breach of our patient database. We want to provide our patients and the public with a clear understanding of the situation, the actions we are taking, and the steps to prevent future breaches. Key Facts and Status Update: Just two hours ago, the data breach was discovered. We are actively determining the extent of the incident, particularly with relation to patient credit card information and personal identification, after confidential doctor-patient data was exposed. An unnamed hospital source revealed details about the breach to the media. We are committed to finding out who made this unauthorized disclosure and treat this situation seriously. Emory Hospital's top focus is making sure that our patients are informed and safe. We are currently in the process of speaking with the impacted patients and informing them of the steps they need take to protect their personal information. We have also informed law authorities about the intrusion, and we are working with cybersecurity professionals to investigate the cause of the breach and strengthen our security protocols. Quote from the Senior Vice President/Chief Clinical Officer:
3 Dr. Sarah Mitchell, Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at Emory Hospital, stated, "The security and privacy of our patients are of utmost importance to us. We deeply regret any concern or inconvenience this incident may have caused. We are working diligently to mitigate any potential harm and strengthen our data security systems. Our focus remains on providing quality care and maintaining the trust of our patients." Innovative Communication Response Strategies: This letter is intended for our patients, their relatives, staff members, and the public. We want to be open and honest in our response to this data breach, as well as reassuring and guiding people who have been impacted. Our Approach Transparency : We have been open and honest in both our admission of the breach and our pursuit of a solution. Protection : By responding to the breach and helping our patients preserve their personal information, we are dedicated to defending the interests of our patients. Engagement : To address problems and offer help, we are actively interacting with patients and the community. Feedback : We want patients to get in touch with us if they need any help or more information. Creation of Innovative Communication Response This press release serves as our first step in handling this problem and proving our dedication to openness. We will keep updating our website with the most recent information and use social media platforms to share patient resources, respond to questions, and post real-time updates.
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