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Manuel's Writing Questions RTI ESE 610 - Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities Professor Elisabeth Kannenberg Manuel Writing Question RTI
MANUEL WRITING QUESTION RTI 2 Recognizing students with learning challenges is a difficult part of general teaching. Learning difficulties their capacity to comprehend or use composed or spoken language, adversely influences attention, changes effective muscle coordination, and wrecks their ability to perform mathematical calculations (Abou-Rjaily & Stoddard, 2017). After learning and discovery of disabilities, it is critical to organize and plan to empower the child with regaining their learning capacity. In this situation, Manuel was recognized as experiencing learning difficulties because of his unfortunate scholarly performance, and Response to Intervention (RTI) is proposed as a solution. Response to Intervention (RTI) indicates a technique and system used for distinguishing struggling students and carrying out interventions for conveying excellent and practical guidance, screening learning progress, and include additional interventions for reducing the struggles of students. One type of RTI is the individualized educational strategy, that involves Manuel undergoing self-paced and one-on-one guidance. It enhances the esteem with the instructional method, pace of the instructions, and variation of content. Tier Two interventions is recommended in this report to enhance the learning skills of Manuel and overcoming background and social influences adversely influencing his advancement. Even though Manuel's performance is poorly, the teacher indicated that he has strength in making friends easily, especially during game time. He demonstrates mastery in Mathematics and other subject and exhibits exceptional behavior in the classroom with other students and has strong bilingual ability as well. Also, Manuel have an interest in video games and robotics. The area of concern is his inability to perform academically with completing his homework and showing interest in activities other than those that interest him. Knight et al. (2018) indicated that "students can be eligible for an IEP program for different reasons." These reasons include autism, learning difficulties, hearing, cognitive,
MANUEL WRITING QUESTION RTI 3 emotional, or vision issues. Manuel is viewed as a strong and competent student, but his focus and desire of computer gaming and robotics is the reason for his disinterest in performing academically. Providing Manuel with RTI interventions matching his needs and delivering high- quality instructions will allow him to progress academically. Using an individualized instructional approach is important to addressing the issues that Manuel faces, for example, incomplete of assignments, quizzes, and poorly writing homework assignments. Tier 2 RTI intervention systems are important because they allow engaging proactively and act as prevention and intervention strategies applied to students at different progression levels (Nilvius, et a., 2021). Therefore, collaborative effort between the teacher, Child Study Team, and Special Education team is important with assisting with the decision-making of the school and home strategies enabling Manuel to progress successfully academically. Parents Involvement Parents or guardians are viewed as key individuals in empowering and establishing an environment that enhances the learning skills and boosts the child's overall capacities and performance levels. In this situation, including Manuel's parents will involve different strategies, for example, sending them an invitation to a meeting in a letter or giving them a phone call. Manuel's parents' involvement will rid the incompetent feeling and assist with instilling hope in Manuel excelling academically and reminding him that his vision will depend upon passing each subject. Also, parents can be participants for enabling teachers to visit their home and understanding standard practices in both school and home settings. They can ensure a proper learning area is designated for Manuel and the teacher should ensure plans that include Manuel translating for his parents to enhance his confidence with his bilingual ability.
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