Week 5 - Discussion 2

EDU 647 Week 5 - Discussion 2 Create an activity/lesson that will address all three levels. The activity/lesson should draw on what the students may already know from home, community or school, will be meaningful, will show knowledge of local norms (please choose one culture/language/community to highlight), will show evidence of integration of the community and creates an opportunity for parents or families to be involved. The activity created is Think-Pair-Share, which will allow the students to pause and process what they have just learned. After reading a passage from a book, ask the class a question that they must consider by themselves, and provide them with time to think and discuss the question with another student. Once the question is discussed, the students will be invited to share their responses with the class. By providing them with time to process, they become more engaged in their learning. With young children, it is best for the teacher to model the technique with volunteers, so the class will know what to do. The rules of this exercise will be emphasized with the students, and they are required to use their inside voices, take turns, and avoid interrupting other students. The students will be provided with a worksheet to write down the questions and their thoughts. After the class complete a book, the Think-Pair-Share will be used for checking their comprehension, and the students will be invited to discuss the five Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) to comprehend the different parts of the story. The students will discuss their favorite character and the reason the character is their favorite. When substituting, his activity was useful when it was incorporated into the daily lesson plans. The discussions generated by the students in the classroom was interesting. The Think-Pair-Share activity provided the students an opportunity to feel comfortable with sharing their thoughts and fostering social skills, while enhancing the speaking and listening skills of the students (Cowling, n. d.). Cowling, S. (n. d.). How to use Think-Pair-Share in your classroom. Retrieved from https://www.wgu.edu/heyteach/article/how-think-pair-share-activity-can-improve-your- classroom-discussions1704.html
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