Pcs checklist

Good Morning Ana, Great contribution to this weeks discussion posting. You provided your stance when it comes to avoiding conflicts of interest in the provided scenario. Codes of ethics adopted by journalists and media are a voluntary expression of professional diligence by quality-conscious journalists and media outlets to correct their mistakes and to make themselves accountable to the public. You did a great job emphasizing the importance of acting alone while withholding a journalists position in order to reduce ones bias. Media outlets should play a primary role in defining and upholding the professional standards of their staff as well as of those contributing to their media content. Corporate codes of ethics and media ombudspersons should be established by media outlets, as well as mechanisms for complaints or other reactions by their readers, listeners or viewers. Great work this week, thanks for sharing! Reference: Society of Professional Journalists. "SPJ Code of Ethics - Society of Professional Journalists." Society of Professional Journalists , 6 Sept. 2014, www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp.
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