Face to Face Writing Courses Are Superior to Online Courses and Speak like a Leader

Qudsia Malik "Face to Face Writing Courses Are Superior to Online Courses" and "Speak like a Leader" COM 313 Professor Apatoff October 16, 2023 On "Speak Like a Leader," Simon Lancaster highlights the significance of leadership and the powerful tool of rhetoric that leaders utilize to communicate effectively. Rhetoric is like a secret language that leaders use to communicate effectively. They use special techniques like repeating words, changing things up, having a rhythm, and making things balanced. Many politicians such as Obama and Kennedy use these strategies when giving their speeches. This kind of language and communication is very effective, it can make speeches more compelling, balanced, and persuasive. These strategies do have other practical applications. These strategies are effective because it is important that the audience can understand and connect with what is being said. On "Face to Face Writing Courses Are Superior to Online Courses," Tiffany and Andy Bourelle write about online education and how it has become more popular. It explains that online classes can be just as challenging and educational as traditional face-to-face classes. Specifically, this essay says online writing courses can help students improve their writing skills, provided their professor is ensuring the student's success in writing, this is the reason why you might have given us this document. It suggests that instructors need to create assignments that encourage students to take control of their learning and collaborate with others using digital technology. The article is structured as a discussion to present all of their ideas. To communicate their argument effectively, the authors use logos and I agree with their stance.
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