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a) The VO2 max is the maximum rate at which an athlete can consume oxygen during exercise. b) The VO2 max is measured by having the athlete exercise on a treadmill or ergometer while their oxygen consumption is monitored. c) The VO2 max is a good indicator of an athlete's ability to perform endurance events. d) All of the above 4. What is the process by which a car's engine is turned off and restarted automatically to save fuel and reduce emissions when the vehicle is stopped? a) Cruise control b) Idling c) Start-stop system d) Turbocharging 5. The Mayan civilization, known for its advanced mathematics and calendar systems, was primarily located in which present-day region? a) Central America b) South America c) North America d) The Caribbean 6. What is the term for a marketing strategy that involves lowering the price of a product temporarily to attract more customers and boost sales? a) Penetration pricing b) Skimming pricing c) Discount pricing d) Price anchoring
7. In business analysis, what term refers to assessing a solution's ability to meet business needs now and in the future? a) SWOT analysis b) Feasibility analysis c) PEST analysis d) Requirements validation 8. What is the term for the concept in entrepreneurship that refers to the ability of a startup to grow rapidly and sustainably with limited resources? a) Scalability b) Bootstrapping c) Market segmentation d) Lean startup 9. Which city was the capital of the Byzantine Empire and later became the capital of the Ottoman Empire? a) Rome b) Athens c) Constantinople d) Alexandria
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