Q1: Knowledge or mental cognizance? The crrect Answer is: ken Q2: Turn on Oxygen to see her & hubby Dean McDermott in the reality series "Home Sweet Hollywood"? The crrect Answer is: Tori Spelling Q3: (Hi. I'm Tim Russert of NBC's Meet the Press.) An interview I did in 2000 with this senator & former P.O.W. won an excellence in TV journalism award? The crrect Answer is: John McCain Q4: An inro is a small container that hangs from one of these kimono sashes? The crrect Answer is: obi Q5: Several Southern states celebrate his June 3rd birthday instead of Lincoln's? The crrect Answer is: Jefferson Davis Q6: Sony Studios commendably has a program for these gifts to equal what an employee gives to a charity? The crrect Answer is: matching Q7: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads from the statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark.) In the original story, the prince never knew how much the Little Mermaid loved him because the Sea Witch had taken this away? The crrect Answer is: her voice Q8: Alliterative term for a contest in which the last car still running wins?
The crrect Answer is: demolition derby Q9: This butterfly is named for a much larger animal? The crrect Answer is: a zebra butterfly Q10: In 1985 Richard Miller became the first FBI agent to go on trial for this? The crrect Answer is: espionage (or spying) Q11: Later dancing with Oscars, this actor is given the name "Dances With Wolves" in the movie of the same name? The crrect Answer is: Kevin Costner
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