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Research Compendiums LATIN 4036 - Week 6 Dr. Ethan Fisher Submission Date: 22 December 2012 Ava Robinson Kaydence
Research Compendiums - LATIN Week 6 Introduction For Research Compendiums Your mother and her mother before her were oracles as well, consulting the gods and relaying their wishes to heroes and others across the years. After waiting in your hiding spot for a long time without being found, you decide to return to the schoolyard, but you quickly realize that you are lost. However, the blood is a deep brown, like it has been dried for a very long time. As the profits for these search engine companies begin to significantly dwindle, you are assigned the task to find and eliminate this A.I. You can even see the Statue of Liberty walking in the distance. She seems busy tuning her guitar anyway. They open the gates, and you leave the confines of the city, approaching a white tent the Mongolians set up that morning. "Yeah. You wonder what has happened. Closing your eyes, you take a dead mouse from your pocket, cup it in your hands, and begin to chant, causing ire amongst the Mongolian court. The stories often describe you as a daring and dashing gentleman of the road whose swashbuckling heroism was matched only by your chivalrous respect for all of your well-to-do victims. More and more people are getting their DNA sequenced and sharing that information on public databases, often with the hope of finding lost relatives. As an orphan with few friends, you adjust quickly to the new world, but some unanswered questions prickle at your new life. When you receive a broken radio transmission from some of your men who have somehow survived the swarm for now, you must decide if you should wait out the insects or try to save your men. As you know, after the magical wielders were toppled during the Primal Rebellion, we faced a moral dilemma regarding what to do with those who survived. Let's welcome back saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, dodo birds, and more. You chuckle a bit. Your lover has the same power as you. Over the weeks, you begin to realize that the alien is reading your mind; it is also becoming more human-like in appearance. You log out of your computer at 7:02 and collect your things. At first, your family hoped that you might be a late bloomer and your powers would develop over time. Those who knew your doppelganger could not tell the difference. You are one of the last climatologists and you attempt to find a way to reverse the blackening of the skies before it is too late. "Would you rather live a normal lifespan and die in your 80s, or relive the same month for eternity?" asks your best friend in one of many games of Would You Rather. 1
Research Compendiums - LATIN Week 6 Questions For Research Compendiums Instructions : Surprisingly, none of his sons nor anyone in the family tree exhibited any superpowers... You have to navigate the city—now in a state of heightened crime and danger due to her disappearance—and figure out what happened to her, all while coping with the confusion that comes with the development of your own emerging powers. However, as their numbers dwindled, the gods soon realized that it was easier to give birth to demigods and have them slay one another until the last demigod standing is struck down by his parent, thereby ending the Elder Titan's divine feast and setting the stage for a new generation of demigods to be birthed. Question 1 : You discover that your acquaintance has cheated on their marriage. You have a close relationship with their family. Will you come clean about them? a. When you arrive at his castle, you find a group of 8 other draftsmen, some of which you know by reputation. b. While the DNA is somewhat degraded, modern methods can accurately sequence degraded DNA, reconstruct it, and insert it into living cells—including oocytes that can be implanted into surrogate animal mothers. c. As you study it one evening, you are pulled into the painting and find yourself in ancient Egypt. Question 2 : How long do you believe you could last on your own? a. When she suddenly returns the following month, with a different attitude and an unfamiliar wardrobe, you are naturally suspicious. b. When you step inside, you look at the strange patrons who have shed their charm spells, revealing their true identities for any and all to see. c. But he's not the only one who uses magic to get ahead. Question 3 : Which nation is home to the most castles? a. You and your brother have never been close. b. is known to many in your line of work. c. You vowed to see justice enforced, deciding to pursue a career in law; now you've just been promoted to the Head of Justice of your minor settlement. 2
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