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Leonshanay Payne Date and time of first 09/2 0 /2023 Duration of visit: 30 minutes Which specific WRC activity you completed (i.e., the name/subject of particular module and activity : DLA GN3 Title of workshop: Writing a Killer Thesis Name of instructor/tutor consulted and topic of consultation, etc.): Sandoval C. Why you chose this activity: Chosen by WRC LAB What you learned from this activity (please be specific): Email Etiquette How to email correctly Exercise A 1. Why is it important to email your professor in a professional, courteous manner? Communicating to a professor in a professional and courteous manner help the professor to understand the information sent and also to take it seriously 2. What information should be in the subject line of your email to your professor? The subject line should include information such as course and time/day of the course, as well as a brief title of what the email entails. This is because the professor attends to many people so, providing this information in the subject line eases the email process. 3. What kinds of questions are appropriate to ask your professor when you email him or her? Some of the appropriate questions to ask my include clarification on an assignment, to inform a professor of an absence, as well as requesting an appointment among others. 4. What kinds of questions may be unnecessary to ask and why? It is advised not to ask the professor demanding questions like did you ever look at my research paper? What are the errors and how do I fix them? This is because such questions do not fall under the academic and professional communication context Exercise B
hey this is jane doe im student in your class the add code u gave me isnt working I NEED ANOTHER ONE !!!! Answer: Good morning professor, I am Jane Doe a student in your class. I wanted to inform you that the add code you provided me is not working; I request for another one. A. good morning professor murakami yesterday i send you a text massage to let you know that i was not going to make it in; i was in Corona at a dr appt . Also, i didnt see the journal topic posted on blackboard, so idk what it is. Can you help me? another thing do i use some of the information from my journal in my argument paper? Answer: Good morning professor Murakami, I would like to inform you that I will not make today just as I informed you yesterday that I have an appointment with the doctor in Corona. Besides, I failed to see the journal topic posted on blackboard; I request your help on the issue. Also, I would like to know if it is appropriate to use the information in my journal in my argument paper. Exercise C Hello Professor , I was wondering where do we submit out "Summary Explain Exercises," for the week two module on canvas? I did not see a submission button like the week one assignments. Thank you LeonShanay Payne
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