Hello Everyone, My name is Marshay Zuber I am 23 years old and currently live in Miami, Florida. I am the youngest of 3 other siblings. Recently my life took a little turn when my 2 nd eldest sister passed away a few months ago due to health reasons. My sister was a mother of two amazing children my nephew, who is 7years old, and my niece, who is 2 years old. My mother and I share guardianship/custody of the children. It hasn't been easy, especially this past year. I have been struggling to grieve the death of my sister and make sure my niece and nephew heal as well. I wasn't ready to take on a full-time role as Mother/Aunt, but I am doing my best. I enrolled at Strayer to further and better my education. I'm getting my degree is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I love everything tech, and I figured it was the perfect area for me to learn and explore. I've enjoyed learning about tech in a new way throughout my time at strayer. I've learned so much about a growth mindset and a fixed mindset this week. Speaking from experience, I know it not easy to go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. From what I learned this week, a growth mindset believes their abilities can grow through hard work and determination. I see it as someone who has faith in themselves; even when setbacks occur, it's not a failure but a lesson. Learning from prior mishaps and errors and continuing to push forward can make the difference between growth and a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is someone who does not see the point of trying again or trying to learn something new either way, it's going to lead to failure. A fixed mindset would take offense when getting feedback or see it as a personal attack instead of an opportunity for change or growth in a particular area. Someone with a fixed mindset would need to embrace mistakes and take them as a lesson instead of defeat. I also think not to be afraid of new challenges but to view them as opportunities instead. Lastly, I think someone could develop a growth mindset by not focusing too much on finishing then enjoying the total process and learning as much as possible.
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