Personal Strengths Assessment and Career Planning Paper Instructions Individual Essay Paper Please write a brief, three-page, double-spaced essay describing some of your strengths along with career and personal goals (three to five-year plan). In your paper, be sure to cover the following: Your Name and Identification on Cover Page The cover page of your essay should include: Your name, type of work you do, and the geographical area where you live, Statement: "Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of MAN 6245", Date (The cover page does not count as one of the three pages of the report.), Personal photo (recommended) Personal Principals and Values It is said sometimes in life following one's personal principles may cause one to deny one's-self pleasure, but if not followed, one's sense of integrity may be eroded. Briefly describe the personal principles you hold that you must live by? In a brief paragraph, review key principles or values that are important to you, that drive you in life, and how you obtained them. What values do you want to demonstrate as you interact with others through your work and at home? To what extent is there congruence in the work that you do and the principles you hold to be important? You need not answer each of these questions specifically, but they may trigger a reflection of your core principles and values and how they may guide you as go forward in your career. Feel free to share spiritual principles or beliefs as they influence your personal principles and values. Social Background Briefly describe any significant early role models, socialization experiences, cultural orientations, and the like that have had a significant impact on your work-related behavior and what you have chosen to become. Strengths Assessment Provide an overview of your personal strengths as revealed per the information from your taking of the Work Preference Indicator (WPI) and a minimum of two other assessments listed below. Demonstrate critical thinking in terms of how you
compare and contrast the results from the assessments you have taken in response to this assignment. WPI Specifically, your paper should include a direct discussion based on the feedback from exceptional (high and low) scores among the 17 dimensions within the WPI. These 17 dimensions are on the second page of your WPI report. Do not address the three major dimensions that directly follow the scores on the 17 dimensions (i.e., ACH, REL, TEC). Also, do not use the Grand Type description that is provided in your report. They are more general than specific. You might review your scores on the 17 dimensions and compare them to the occupational fields you personally rated that are included at the end of the WPI report. Do your preferences revealed on page 2 of your WPI report align with the occupational fields you indicated you prefer shown on the last page of the WPI report? Why or why not? Insights? In addition to the essential assessment--the WPI-- you are to include a discussion from a minimum of two other assessments listed below: RIASEC MBTI Big Five Please do not send the professor the verbatim results from each of your assessments. You should use the results to write your paper, citing exceptional and meaningful scores from them. Some information you receive from the three assessments may be contradictory. Discuss these contradictions and attempt to resolve them in your analysis. Strengths Identified by the Assessments What common themes seem to show up about you in terms of your work-related strengths that are identified in the assessments? Did you find any surprises or unexpected results? Are there inconsistencies? Explain. Present the strengths these assessments reveal about you, as well as any differences you might have found in the feedback they have provided you. This is an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking. You are encouraged to present your strengths visually by using a graphic organizer, infographic diagram, table, etc. What is unique about you? Again, when referring to the WPI report, please focus on the key information about you per the 17 dimensions presented on the graph (page 2 of the report) rather than the Grand Type descriptions. Matching your WPI report scores to career fields identified in the report, and "Matching Work Preferences with Occupational Choice" will help you gain insight into careers to which you are well- suited. Also, you are encouraged to review additional information provided in Chapter 3 of Professor Gilbert's book which is a reference provided, as well. Please include a listing of your scores on each of the 17 WPI dimensions in the appendix of your paper so the professor can provide a more comprehensive analysis of your strengths if he deems it appropriate.
Capabilities and Deficiencies What specific skills do you have that are clear assets to you in your chosen profession? What specific skill areas, experience or lack of educational preparation do you believe may limit you or may need improvement? Career Vision Describe the vision you have for your career or occupation. You may want to discuss: What seems to be a good career fit in terms of your interests and personality? Why? If you are not certain about your career path, then state this. What specific job would you really love doing? Finally, have you seen a person in a job that you would really love to do? This is a fundamental question to ask yourself and answer. Self-Mentoring If you were your own mentor, what would you suggest you do to further develop yourself and move forward in your career? Use Of Reviewer Comments Consider the comments provided by the two reviewers of your draft. You do not need to follow their recommendations, but you should take them into account as you prepare your final paper. Please attach the comments provided to you by each of your reviewers in the appendix of your paper as well as an evaluation of their usefulness to you. (Note: If the reviewer did not submit her or his comments to you on time, please indicate this in your evaluation of the reviewer's submission.) Grading Criteria Your instructor will review your work based on the following criteria for a total of 16 points. Use the Personal Strengths Assessment and Career Planning Paper Rubric (LMS Page) to ensure you address each criterion. Grammar and organization - 4 points (see Grammar and Organization Guide (LMS Page) Application and proper interpretation of the assessment tools - 5 points Personal reflections and career assessment - 5 points Presentation and use of the assessments you received from your two peers - 2 points
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