HEBREW-6205-Learning Databases

Learning Databases HEBREW 6205 - Week 14 Professor Andrew Walker Submission Date: 9 December 2019 Olivia Campbell Elaine
Learning Databases - HEBREW Week 14 Introduction For Learning Databases You wake up after the crash and venture outside only to find yourself in a spaceship graveyard, with dozens of empty, crashed ships strewn about in the wreckage. "Word on the street is that you are looking for a man with broken wings. You've always loved hiking, and you've finally built up the stamina to hike Mt. You are petting the friendly creature when a ronin from the gang finds you and draws his weapon. You make friends with one waitress who works there, a punk-looking girl with bright red hair and a combative attitude who wants nothing more than to leave the town. Her people have developed telekinesis, the ability to control things with their minds. You call out to the strange thief, and the trench coat drops. I'll get right on it." You manage every situation with a permanently plastered smile on your face and feel like you can handle anything. It's big stuff and, if you had more resources, you're convinced you could crack matter manipulation on the atomic level. With your powers greatly diminished after performing such a powerful spell, you decide to leave Lincoln there and see what becomes of it. They seem to think you are some kind of god, and they claim they have been awaiting your coming for thousands of years. Yet the law is the law. One older woman warns you not to go too far west, or you might get too close to him. You are a member of an alien race that has been exploring space for over a millennium, seeking out other lifeforms and establishing alliances with them. But he's gorgeous. As much as you love her and want to help her, you fear that you don't have enough magic left within you to bring about the son Anne needs to keep her crown — and her head on her shoulders. He wears a nicely pressed white suit and has a thinning patch of curly hair on his head. Then you notice her standing there: your queen, the goddess Hecate. After 30 seconds or so, the tremors subside, and you scramble from your tent. As you turn onto yet another empty side street, the streetlights flicker before turning off entirely. You look around panicked. The last message states that these photos are going to be sent to your husband unless you do exactly what he wants. You are relieved, almost happy, until you look around your surroundings and realize the horror you have unleashed. Intergalactic space travel has become commonplace, with people across various solar systems working together to form new governments and societies. 1
Learning Databases - HEBREW Week 14 Questions For Learning Databases Instructions : If you join, the first directive is to kill your neighbor, who has angered their leader. A chorus of "celestial guardian" rings in your head; as it does, more unicorns appear from beyond the thicket, and you realize that it is a title that has been given to you. Yet when you hear a busker on the street one day, you have to check it out. Question 1 : What do you consider to be the most complicated feature about yourself? a. However, one major problem is that hostile nations have set out to destroy it. b. Of course, it is too good to be true. c. With your advanced knowledge on the subject, you could make a ton of money and become a lord or something. Question 2 : How many pizza pieces does America consume each second? Answer: 350-400 pizza slices per second a. The figure approaches the bar to order a drink, and you notice scaled purple skin hidden beneath its trench coat's sleeves. b. Your mother is about to be hanged. c. There isn't much to do anyhow, so you spend most of your time reading in the local diner. Question 3 : How much do you believe your instincts? a. From the looks of it — the dishes doing themselves in the sink, the dinner being magically prepared on the stove, a scarf knitting itself on the couch — she's an old witch who doesn't seem to need much help. b. The murder of a regional governor who was en route to the capital planet has caused an uproar throughout the galactic empire. c. The cursed blade did not kill the immortal king but rather made him both living and dead at the same time. 2
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