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Paige Agolla Date: 02/20/18 Selected Article: Former Facebook exec 2-3 sentence summary of article: This talks about how people refuse to accept the fact that social media is now becoming harmful due to the addiction its giving and everything that comes with it. Response Questions: 1. What was new or surprising to you in this article? How kidnappings are due to social media and how of today it affects it. 2. What did the author think your already knew in this article? (i.e.: something they didn't explain fully!) The author probably knew that the reader is familiar on how it is said that the social media of today is getting too harmful to people due to the amount of use. 3. What changed, challenged, or confirmed what I already knew before reading this article? With the creating of hearts, likes and all, all that has had a way of creating the addiction of not only struggling to get those likes but to get attention and use social media more than usual. 4. What is the MOST important sentence from the article? Why? (This direct quote should be different from the one used in question 1,2 or 3!) '...rather than addressing real problems like climate change.' This sentence is important because it shows that maybe in the years to come, social media and its use may turn out to be something even more serious with its addiction and it also shows how people tend to block the important stuff that
Paige Agolla will have an even major effect on use than social media in which we should worry about now. 5. How does this article connect to the Glass Castle (be specific)? How might this article help you when writing your article "for" or "against" the Walls' parenting style? When referring to the glass castle with this article, it shows how the walls parents exposed their children to things children shouldn't have been exposed to and would block out the fact that what they thought was right was not right. This comes in contrast to social media on how people block the fact that it is bad for them and still stick to its addiction.
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