BSBOPS504-Plagiarism Report Task 2 (3-3)

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Nov 13, 2023
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PLAGIARISM SCAN REPORT 0% Plagiarised 100% Unique Content Checked For Plagiarism Section 3 utensil and cover threat treatment Answer Action plan must be communicated to all the staffs that needs to be involved in any exertion related to it. Answer To communicate I 'll use the following medium Facetofacediscussion, • Phone calls, • Emails. Internal communication policy states that " All plans should be communicated verbally to those responsible for way in the plan " -e.g. either via telephone call, videotape conference or face- to- face meeting. Answer The Procurement policy provides guidance on the number of quotations they should request. The internal communication policy states that " Action plans must be streamlined to show completion of each action/ process or task ". Answer As per the action plan, requesting quotations for RPA systems for tab capturing is to be taken Answer The available data for NatureCare are incidents that happed in the company. For illustration, new stores has been opened in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne within the six months requested by the CEO and the stores have been operating for three months. Also, there has been many incidents of store room theft across the stores. Answer The new threat that has surfaced is the store room theft which has raised concern of CEO as well. Answer All the incidents has been recorded in threat register. Answer The operations director mentioned at a recent superintendent platoon meeting that one of the regular vessel suppliers had intermingled with another company and would no longer be producing the holders NatureCare ordered. Answer The linked pitfalls tends to benon-relevant as they've been covered and controlled. Answer Yes, the threat treatments have been successful so far Answer No, there has been no new pitfalls. Answer Stakeholders feel enough convinced with the threat treatments and action plan as they've shown full support to the operation. Answer The named treatment options are still in line with stylish practice as it has been controlling all the pitfalls associated with NatureCare. Answer I believe the current threat treatments are enough at the moment and no new threat treatment necessary. Answer REPORT NatureCare is an Australian company grounded in Brisbane which specialises in manufacturing high end skin care products that'seco- friendly. The strategic ideal of the company is to increase request share by 20 with new adventure in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The action plan was enforced one month after the stores opened and has been successful with no invoicing crimes to date. The cost exceeded budget by$ 5000. The threat of invoicing error is now obsolete due to the perpetration of the RPA invoicing system. The threat of theft has not been adequately controlled and the CEO has raised enterprises. farther disquisition is needed on stylish practices to control this threat. Because of the being supplier not being suitable to supply NatureCare with holders, there's now a new threat associated with sourcing and establishing a new supplier relationship( to supply the holders). Matched Source No plagiarism found Date 2023-06-01 Words 482 Characters 3073 Page 1 of 1
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